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Stefon Harris

Albums by Stefon Harris

Stefon Harris A Cloud Of Red Dust
Stefon Harris African Tarantella

Stefon Harris — African Tarantella

Released 10/3/2006
  1. From The New Orleans Suite: Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The Delta 6:01
  2. From The New Orleans Suite: Portrait Of Wellman Braud 5:58
  3. From The New Orleans Suite: Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies 3:53
  4. From The Queen Suite: Sunset And The Mockingbird 5:44
  5. From The Queen Suite: The Single Petal Of A Rose 4:55
  6. From The Gardner Meditations: Memoirs Of A Frozen Summer 6:54
  7. From The Gardner Meditations: African Tarantella 8:58
  8. From The Gardner Meditations: Dancing Enigma 8:49
Stefon Harris Black Action Figure
Stefon Harris Evolution
Stefon Harris Kindred
Stefon Harris Ninety Miles (International Version)
Stefon Harris Ninety Miles Live At Cubadisco

Stefon Harris — Ninety Miles Live At Cubadisco

Released 9/24/2012
  1. And This Too Shall Pass 12:30
  2. Brown Belle Blues 5:26
  3. City Sunrise 12:39
  4. The Forgotten Ones 5:06
  5. Congo (Feat. Rember Duharte) 6:14
  6. Paradise Found 7:34
  7. La Fiesta Va (Feat. Harold Lopez-Nussa) 10:27
Stefon Harris The Grand Unification Theory