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Steve Morse

Albums by Steve Morse

Steve Morse High Tension Wires
Steve Morse Live In Connecticut
Steve Morse Live in New York
Steve Morse Major Impacts
Steve Morse Major Impacts 2
Steve Morse Out Standing In Their Field
Steve Morse Prime Cuts: Steve Morse
Steve Morse Prime Cuts, Volume 2

Steve Morse — Prime Cuts, Volume 2

Released 9/14/2009
  1. Zig Zags 4:06
  2. On Fire (Feat. Steve Morse) 4:29
  3. Bar Hopping With Mr. Pinky (Feat. Jordan Rudess) 4:13
  4. Ghost Of The Bayou 3:05
  5. Mood For A Day 2:51
  6. Truthola 5:06
  7. Portrait (Feat. Steve Morse) 5:48
  8. Great Mountain Spirits 4:19
  9. Midnight Daydream 4:47
  10. Red Barchetta (Feat. James Labrie, James Murphey, Sean Malone, Sean Reinert & David Townson) 5:44