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Suzanne Ciani

Albums by Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani Dream Suite
Suzanne Ciani Lixiviation
Suzanne Ciani Meditations For Dreams, Relaxation, And Sleep
Suzanne Ciani Pianissimo
Suzanne Ciani Pianissimo II
Suzanne Ciani Pianissimo III
Suzanne Ciani Pure Romance
Suzanne Ciani Seven Waves

Suzanne Ciani — Seven Waves

Released 11/19/2012
  1. The First Wave: Birth Of Venus 5:03
  2. The Second Wave: Sirens 7:18
  3. The Third Wave: Love In The Waves 5:16
  4. The Fourth Wave: Wind In The Sea 3:47
  5. The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby 5:48
  6. The Sixth Wave: Deep In The Sea 7:04
  7. The Seventh Wave: Sailing Away 6:34
  8. Voices Of Packaged Souls Intro 0:35
  9. First Voice: Sound Of Hair Bleeding 0:48
  10. Second Voice: Sound Of Heat 5:56
  11. Third Voice: Sound Of Cold 1:13
  12. Fourth Voice: Sound Of Wetness 1:19
  13. Fifth Voice: Sound Of A Finger Burning 1:02
  14. Sixth Voice: Sound Of A Flower Falling 1:05
  15. Seventh Voice: Sound Of An Eye Tearing 1:31
  16. Eighth Voice: Sound Of Bones Growing 1:08
  17. Ninth Voice: Sound Of A Nose Peeling 1:38
  18. Tenth Voice: Sound Of A Lighted Window 1:08
  19. Eleventh Voice: Sound Of An Old Man Loving 1:12
  20. Twelth Voice: Sound Of Love Turning 1:15
  21. Thirteenth Voice: Sound Of A Dream Kissing 0:54
  22. And All Dreams Are Not For Sale 0:56
Suzanne Ciani Silver Ship
Suzanne Ciani Suzanne Ciani And The Wave:live!