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Vic Hennegan

Albums by Vic Hennegan

Vic Hennegan Field Of Worlds And Mirrors
Vic Hennegan Free (Single)

Vic Hennegan — Free (Single)

Released 5/3/2010
  1. Free 4:44
Vic Hennegan Pure Creative Spirit
Vic Hennegan Rhythms In Motion

Vic Hennegan — Rhythms In Motion

Released 9/16/2013
  1. Surya Namaskar (Vocal Version) [Feat. Jo Cobbett] 5:05
  2. Love And War (Spoken Word Version) [Feat. Jo Cobbett] 6:25
  3. Simpatico (Spoken Word Version) [Feat. Jo Cobbett] 5:27
  4. Gathering Of The Sacred Dance 10:19
  5. Earth Tribe (Feat. Jo Cobbett) 7:39
  6. A Message To The People 6:33
  7. Arriving (Feat. Jo Cobbett) 6:21
  8. Surya Namaskar (No Spoken Word) 5:05
  9. Love And War (Original Version) 6:25
  10. Simpatico (Original Version) 5:26