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Sylvia Syms

Albums by Sylvia Syms

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Sylvia Syms In A Sentimental Mood
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Sylvia Syms Songs By Sylvia Syms
Sylvia Syms Songs Of Love
Sylvia Syms Songs Of Love / Sylvia Syms Sings

Sylvia Syms — Songs Of Love / Sylvia Syms Sings

Released 10/20/2011
  1. My Ship (From "Sylvia Sings") 2:55
  2. Then I'll Be Tired Of You (From "Sylvia Sings") 3:18
  3. I'm The Girl (From "Sylvia Sings") 3:52
  4. Lilac Wine (From "Sylvia Sings") 4:22
  5. I Don't Want To Cry Anymore (From "Sylvia Sings") 3:05
  6. Honey In The Honeycomb (From "Sylvia Sings") 2:19
  7. A Woman's Intuition (From "Sylvia Sings") 3:35
  8. Experiment (From "Sylvia Sings") 2:20
  9. Let Me Love You (From "Sylvia Sings") 2:36
  10. We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye (From "Sylvia Sings") 2:39
  11. I'm So Happy I Could Cry (From "Sylvia Sings") 3:01
  12. Down With Love (From "Sylvia Sings") 2:35
  13. He Loves And She Loves (From "Songs Of Love") 2:20
  14. Can't We Be Friends (From "Songs Of Love") 3:04
  15. Hands Across The Table (From "Songs Of Love") 3:11
  16. Isn't It Romantic (From "Songs Of Love") 2:26
  17. Dancing In The Dark (From "Songs Of Love") 2:48
  18. So Far (From "Songs Of Love") 3:29
  19. When A Woman Loves A Man (From "Songs Of Love") 3:43
  20. Alone Too Long (From "Songs Of Love") 2:23
  21. What's The Use Of Won,Drin' (From "Songs Of Love") 3:19
  22. I Am Loved (From "Songs Of Love") 3:01
  23. Don't Ever Leave Me (From "Songs Of Love") 2:51
  24. I'll Be Seeing You (From "Songs Of Love") 4:49