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The Click

Albums by The Click

The Click Down And Dirty (Parental Advisory)
The Click Game Related
The Click Game Related (Parental Advisory)
The Click Mezmerized

The Click — Mezmerized

Released 1/30/2008
  1. Mezmerized 7:33
  2. Mezmerized (Raul Rincon Vocal Mix) 7:37
  3. Mezmerized (Dave Armstrong/Red Roche Vocal Mix) 7:42
  4. Mezmerized (Danny Dove/Steve Smart Vocal Mix) 8:13
  5. Mezmerized (Raul Rincon Dub Mix) 7:37
  6. Mezmerized (Raul Rincon Instrumental) 7:37
  7. Mezmerized (Dave Armstrong/Red Roche Dub Mix) 7:43
  8. Mezmerized (Dave Armstrong/Red Roche Remix) 8:10