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The Goldman Band

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The Goldman Band America Marches
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The Goldman Band The Greatest Band In The Land!

The Goldman Band — The Greatest Band In The Land!

Released 6/14/2001
  1. Chester 1:29
  2. The Battle Of Trenton: I. Introduction/Army In Motion/Acclamation Of Ye Americans/Drum Beats To Arms 0:54
  3. The Battle Of Trenton: II. Washington's March 1:14
  4. The Battle Of Trenton: III. Crossing The Delaware/Trumpets Sound The Charge 1:21
  5. The Battle Of Trenton: IV. The Battle/Flight Of The Hessians/General Confusion 1:37
  6. The Battle Of Trenton: V. Grief Of The Americans For The Loss Of Their Comrades Killed In The Engagement 1:46
  7. The Battle Of Trenton: VI. Yankee Doodle/Trumpets Of Victory/Finale: General Rejoice 3:43
  8. Federal March 3:08
  9. The Wood Up Quickstep 2:22
  10. New York Light Guards Quickstep 2:15
  11. Santa Ana's Retreat From Buena Vista 2:10
  12. American Salute 4:20
  13. The Washington Greys 3:08
  14. Presidential Polonaise 3:59
  15. McKinley Inauguration 3:11
  16. 22nd Regiment 2:39
  17. American Patrol 3:38