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The Nelons

Albums by The Nelons

The Nelons A Journey
The Nelons Beside Still Waters
The Nelons Following After
The Nelons Get Ready

The Nelons — Get Ready

Released 6/9/2009
  1. In Jesus Name (Album) 2:59
  2. I Can Almost Hear The Trumpet (Album) 3:28
  3. Revival In The Land (Album) 2:50
  4. Get Ready For The Rapture (Album) 2:50
  5. Medals, Crowns And Trophies (Album) 5:58
  6. A Wonderful Change (Album) 3:03
  7. Bring My Children Home (Album) 3:24
  8. I Just Keep Watching The Gates (Album) 4:13
  9. Building (Album) 3:07
  10. We're Gonna Make It [Through The Power Of God] (Album) 2:08
The Nelons Glad You're Here
The Nelons Hallelujah Live
The Nelons Peace Within The Walls
The Nelons Right On Time
The Nelons Seasons Of Songs: A Collection Of Nelon Classics

The Nelons — Seasons Of Songs: A Collection Of Nelon Classics

Released 7/10/2001
  1. I'll Talk To The Father 3:49
  2. Jesus Is Alive And Well 2:29
  3. Hallelujah 3:20
  4. Bring My Children Home 3:17
  5. We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown 3:51
  6. I'm Glad I Know Who Jesus Is 3:20
  7. You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Road 1:48
  8. Walk Right Out Of This Valley 1:49
  9. Way Up In Gloryland 2:47
  10. Oh For A Thousand Tongues 3:57
The Nelons Southern Gospel Treasury Series
The Nelons Thanks
The Nelons Triumphant
The Nelons We've Got To Praise Him
The Nelons You Are God