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Bill Easley

Albums by Bill Easley

Bill Easley Business Man's Bounce
Bill Easley First Call

Bill Easley — First Call

Released 4/14/2008
  1. It's All In The Game (Instrumental) 6:22
  2. Somewhere Along The Way (Instrumental) 5:58
  3. How Long Has This Been Going On (Instrumental) 7:36
  4. Oh What A Dream (Instrumental) 8:17
  5. Soulfill Bill (Instrumental) 5:51
  6. Blues For Stitt (Instrumental) 6:02
  7. Prelude To A Kiss (Instrumental) 6:25
  8. Little Benny (Aka Crazeology) (Instrumental) 4:12
Bill Easley Hearing Voices
Bill Easley Wind Inventions