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Billy Higgins

Albums by Billy Higgins

Billy Higgins Hyperion With Higgins

Billy Higgins — Hyperion With Higgins

Released 8/1/2007
  1. Dancing Waters, Big Sur To Bahia (For Gilberto and Caetano) 5:51
  2. Bharati 6:59
  3. Secret Life Of The Forbidden City 10:03
  4. Miss Jessye 10:21
  5. Hyperion With Higgins 7:19
  6. Darkness On The Delta Suite: Mother Where Art Thou / Robert Johnson On The Bank Of The Ganges / Perseverance / Till The River Runs Free / Peace In The Storm 12:39
  7. Dervish On The Glory B 8:23
  8. The Caravan Moves On 8:32
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