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Bob Fitts

Albums by Bob Fitts

Bob Fitts He Will Save You
Bob Fitts Highest Place
Bob Fitts I Will Bow To You
Bob Fitts Live Worship With Bob Fitts

Bob Fitts — Live Worship With Bob Fitts

Released 1/18/2011
  1. Wonderful Are Your Works 3:25
  2. I Will Rejoice/Good Good Lord 3:48
  3. Dance And Sing 3:23
  4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright In Christ 3:00
  5. Our God Is Faithful 2:39
  6. Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty 3:43
  7. As We Worship/O Lord, Your Tenderness 13:28
  8. He Is Lovely/To Keep Your Lovely Face/How Marvelous! How Wonderful! 9:55
  9. You Are So Faithful/Great Is Thy Faithfulness 5:39
  10. One Song Of Praise 3:19
  11. Wonderful Are Your Works (Reprise) 2:21
Bob Fitts My Treasure
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Bob Fitts The Highest Place