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Robert Hurst

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Robert Hurst Bob A Palindrome

Robert Hurst — Bob A Palindrome

Released 3/12/2013
  1. 3 For Lawrence (Feat. Bennie Maupin & Marcus Belgrave) 7:20
  2. Picked From Nick (Feat. Robert Glasper) 4:16
  3. Big Queen (Feat. Marcus Belgrave) 8:25
  4. Tigers On Venus (Feat. Jeff Tain Watts) 6:37
  5. Middle Passage Suite: Part I - For Those Of Us Who Made It (Feat. Adam Rudolph) 1:37
  6. Middle Passage Suite: Part II - For Those Of Us That Didn't Make It (Feat. Adam Rudolph) 7:15
  7. Middle Passage Suite: Part III - For Those Of Us Still Here (Feat. Branford Marsalis, Bennie Maupin & Jeff Tain Watts) 12:55
  8. Little Queen (Feat. Branford Marsalis & Robert Glasper) 7:50
  9. Indiscreet In Da Street (Feat. Branford Marsalis & Robert Glasper) 5:55
  10. Jamming - A.K.A. Ichabad 6:28
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