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The Process

Albums by The Process

The Process Blood And Bones
The Process Craven Dog
The Process Posséder & Appartenir
The Process Rosenkreutz

The Process — Rosenkreutz

Released 5/26/2008
  1. Climbing The Mountain To Enlightenment 3:57
  2. Just Whisper Our Name And We Shall Hear 3:00
  3. Chasing The Raven To Save The Dove 2:44
  4. The World Shall Awake 4:16
  5. The Three Glorious Royal Thrones 4:41
  6. Worlds Descended From The Godhead 2:09
  7. In The Eye Of The Tempest 3:07
  8. The Weighing Of The Worthy 3:31
  9. Thee Chymical Wedding Ov Thee Process (The Process Of The Chemical Wedding) 9:13
The Process Vultures Of Human Decay
The Process Weapons Of Mass Percussion