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Mark Sherman

Albums by Mark Sherman

Mark Sherman Live At the Birds Eye

Mark Sherman — Live At the Birds Eye

Released 5/20/2008
  1. Tip Top Blues (Final Live Mix) 11:16
  2. The Winning Life (Final Live Mix) 9:08
  3. Trust (Final Live Mix) 8:29
  4. Hope (Final Live Mix) 7:53
  5. Hardship (Live) 14:00
  6. Explorations (Final Live Mix) 12:16
  7. You Don't Know What Love Is (Final Live Mix) 13:16
  8. There Is No Greater Love (Final Live Mix) 12:32
  9. Tip Top Rhythm (Final Live Mix) 12:09
  10. Moon River (Final Live Mix) 6:59
Mark Sherman One Step Closer
Mark Sherman Please, Professor
Mark Sherman Spiral Staircase