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Todd Burge

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Todd Burge Building Characters

Todd Burge — Building Characters

Released 4/23/2012
  1. Blue Monday 3:53
  2. Grow Up 3:32
  3. Joseph's Prayer To His Baby Son 5:22
  4. The Never Ending End (A Letter To Harold Camping From A Believer) 4:59
  5. A Bit Too Late (Harold Camping's Letter To The Non- Believers) 3:05
  6. Jesus Night Light 5:54
  7. First Day Of Spring 3:04
  8. Looking For My Nuts 3:56
  9. Listening To A Woody Guthrie Tune 3:37
  10. The Most Beautiful Light (The Fly Song) 3:57
  11. Out There And At It 2:58
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