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Albums by Resin

Resin Embrace The Fall
Resin Exudations Ep

Resin — Exudations Ep

Released 12/24/2011
  1. Ease Your Mind (Hardcore Breaks Mix) 5:05
  2. Give It Up (Hardcore Breaks Mix) 6:05
  3. So Good (Hardcore Breaks Mix) 5:53
  4. Make My Body Move (Hardcore Breaks Mix) 5:39
Resin Make Em Clap To This

Resin — Make Em Clap To This

Released 11/12/2012
  1. Make Em Clap To This (Original Mix) 5:27
Resin Only Here
Resin The Catalyst
Resin This Is Hardcore

Resin — This Is Hardcore

Released 11/16/2012
  1. This Is Hardcore 6:03
  2. The Way I Feel 6:06