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Albums by Hallucinogen

Hallucinogen In Dub mixed by Ott

Hallucinogen — In Dub mixed by Ott

Released 1/1/2002
  1. Mi-Loony-Um (A Floating Butterfly Stings Like a Bee Mix) 11:54
  2. Solstice (Warwick Basmonkey Mix) 8:59
  3. Gamma Goblins (Its Turtles All the Way Down Mix) 10:53
  4. Spiritual Antiseptic (Minty Fresh Confidence Mix) 8:16
  5. L.S.D. (World Sheet of Closed String Mix) 9:19
  6. Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix) 10:25
Hallucinogen The Lone Deranger