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David Chevan

Albums by David Chevan

David Chevan Let Us Break Bread Together
David Chevan The Days Of Awe

David Chevan — The Days Of Awe

Released 1/1/2003
  1. And As For Me, My Prayer Is For You (V'Ani S'flilosi) 3:44
  2. May Our Offering Be Acceptable (R'tzeh Atiratem) 9:13
  3. Here I Am, With My Meager Accomplishments (Hineni, Heani Mima'as) 6:24
  4. And We All Believe (V'Khol Ma'aminim) 6:16
  5. For The Sins That We Have Committed (Al Khet) 9:43
  6. Remember Us For Life (Zokhrenu L'Khayim) 4:46
  7. My God, Even Before I Was Created I Was Unworthy (Elokai Ad Shelo Notzarti) 8:57
  8. On Rosh Hashanah (B'Rosh Hashonoh) 10:37
  9. Our Father, Our King (Avinu Malkeinu) 4:45
David Chevan Yizkor: Music Of Memory

David Chevan — Yizkor: Music Of Memory

Released 1/1/2008
  1. Adonai, Mah Adam (My God, What Is Man?) 4:43
  2. Psalm 16 Shiviti Adonai L’negdi Tamid (I Keep God Before Me At A 7:05
  3. Psalm 121 Esa Enai (I Raise My Eyes) 2:54
  4. Yizkor For Martyrs 5:26
  5. Psalm 23 9:42
  6. Maleh Rakhamim (God, Full Of Compassion) 10:56
  7. Adonai, Mah Adam (Instrumental Version) 4:44
  8. Esa Enai (Instrumental Version) 3:31