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Albums by Persuaders

Persuaders The Persuaders

Persuaders — The Persuaders

Released 4/16/2013
  1. Peace In The Valley Of Love (Album Version) 3:55
  2. Please Stay (Album Version) 3:42
  3. If You Feel Like I Do (Album Version) 6:07
  4. Trying Girls Out (Album Version) 4:10
  5. Is It Too Heavy For You (Album Version) 2:46
  6. Bad Bold And Beautiful Girl (Album Version) 4:15
  7. What Is The Definition Of Love (Album Version) 2:51
  8. Love Goes Good When Things Go Bad (Album Version) 2:45
  9. I Want To Make It With You (Album Version) 4:31
  10. You Still Love Me (After All You've Been Through) (Album Version) 5:27