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William Edge

Albums by William Edge

William Edge Beyond The Edge:Into Infinity (Trilogy Part III)
William Edge Blind Man Beggar Man
William Edge Breathing Without Air - The Universe Within
William Edge Crucible
William Edge Edge Of Blue
William Edge Edge Of The Universe - Discovery
William Edge Moth And The Fire Dragon
William Edge Night Comes Downtown
William Edge Secret Diary
William Edge Smokin: Live From The Meteor Lounge

William Edge — Smokin: Live From The Meteor Lounge

Released 1/1/2006
  1. Smokin By Nuclear Option 4:45
  2. Toward Distant Stars 3:17
  3. Machine Love By Android Nation 3:33
  4. Artificial Intelligence By Android Nation 4:11
  5. Alien Seduction By Love Connection 3:48
  6. Steel My Soul By Android Nation 6:13
  7. Lounge Lizard By Smooth Walter 4:10
  8. Love Before Dawn By Love Connection 4:31
  9. Fugitive By The Drama Queens 3:02
  10. Flowers Of Saigon 3:54
  11. Drum Circle By Nuclear Option 3:45
  12. Code Blues By The Emts 3:15
  13. Near You By Love Connection 3:13
  14. Dantes Lullaby By Smooth Walter 4:56
  15. Asclepius Affect 4:10