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Albums by Puritan

Puritan Lithium Gates

Puritan — Lithium Gates

Released 2/9/2010
  1. Opposite The Fireplace - The Wall Of Shotguns 3:11
  2. The Stars Above Us Are All Evil 8:51
  3. The Sulphur - Coloured Clouds Are Hurrying Through The Lithium Gates 4:56
  4. The Sepulchral God Holding A Speech For The Moribund 10:49
  5. Those Who Sow In Tears Shall Reap In Joy 7:32
  6. The Breathing Room 2:02
  7. It Is Your Own Decision To Respect Life 7:56
  8. Why Did You Say That Summer Was Dying 5:54
  9. We Have To Be Awake When They Come 1:47
  10. The Touch Of Kindness Knows No Kingdom 5:07
  11. The Blue And Purple Lesson In Love 9:26
Puritan What We Saw In The Water