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Albums by Chrisoula

Chrisoula Until Eternity

Chrisoula — Until Eternity

Released 1/1/2003
  1. Eise San Ilios (You're Like The Sun) 3:22
  2. Mono Otan Bernas (When You Pass By) 3:31
  3. To Roloyi Olo Kitaso (I Always Watch The Time) 2:59
  4. Mehri Eternity (Until Eternity) 3:45
  5. Esi, Esi (You, You) 2:18
  6. Ena Sou Fili (One Kiss Of Yours) 2:47
  7. Eho Tilihti Mes Ton Erota Sou (Wrapped In Your Love) 3:48
  8. O Elvis Zi Stis Kardies Tou Kathe Ena (Elvis Lives In The Heart Of Many) 4:18
  9. Mehri Eternity (Until Eternity) 3:43