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Brian De Lorenzo

Albums by Brian De Lorenzo

Brian De Lorenzo Found Treasures

Brian De Lorenzo — Found Treasures

Released 1/1/1999
  1. Who Will Buy? (Oliver!) 2:23
  2. I've Never Said I Love You (Dear World) 3:29
  3. A Waltz Medley: Do I Hear A Waltz? (Do I Hear A Waltz?)/Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Carnival)/Love Makes The World Go (No Strings) 3:57
  4. All The Time 3:45
  5. Fifty Million Years Ago/I Can See It (Celebration) 2:53
  6. Astoria Gloria (Angel) 1:33
  7. I Wonder (The Girl With The Golden Hair) 4:23
  8. Words He Doesn't Say 4:17
  9. I Don't Believe In Heroes Anymore (3 Guys Naked From The Waist Down) 4:17
  10. Tonight At Eight (She Loves) 2:16
  11. Let Me Fall 4:46
  12. Giants In The Sky (Into The Woods) 2:31
  13. No One Has Ever Loved Me (Passion) 3:01
  14. How Do You Say Goodbye (Angel) 4:15
  15. Morning Glow (Pippin) 2:52
  16. Why Should I Wake Up? (Cabaret) 6:47