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Maggie Dubris

Albums by Maggie Dubris

Maggie Dubris Welcome To Willieworld

Maggie Dubris — Welcome To Willieworld

Released 1/1/2001
  1. It Was Just This Constant Desire 3:47
  2. Voices Call From Brightly Lit Windows 2:17
  3. What I Like Most About My Job 2:24
  4. The First Time I Came In Contact With The Killer Of One Of My Patients 4:31
  5. Einstein Has Always Been A Mystery To Me 2:04
  6. In A Way, I Always Admired The Claw 5:08
  7. On Thing I Really Like About My Job 2:25
  8. When I Meet New People, And They Find Out What I Do 3:35
  9. One Skel That I Like Is Jean-Paul DiVersailles 2:50
  10. Another Thing I Like Is To Drive Around In A Big Rush 2:11
  11. To Most Of Us, Subways Are The Dullest Of Entities 2:49
  12. I Will Love You In Hell 3:50
  13. The Hospital That I Work For 1:13
  14. They Say That Time Is A Thief 2:39