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Tom Gavornik

Albums by Tom Gavornik

Tom Gavornik A Long Time Ago...

Tom Gavornik — A Long Time Ago...

Released 1/1/2007
  1. A Long Time Ago (Ensemble) 9:50
  2. Up And Away (I Don't Want To See The Wires) - Dedicated To Georg 7:11
  3. He Is Mysterious (The Invincible Christ) - Thank You Carl For Yo 9:14
  4. Little Friends (Dedicated To Tobycat) 4:51
  5. God Smiles On Me Too 11:08
  6. White Hats/Black Hats (Cowboy Blues) 3:54
  7. Hey Jim, It's In F 2:29
  8. A Long Time Ago (Duo) (Slight Return) 3:55
  9. March Of The Innocent (To All Incest Survivors And Victims Of Se 4:02
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