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Albums by Heartsounds

Heartsounds Behind The Green Bushes
Heartsounds Drifter
Heartsounds Internal Eyes
Heartsounds Shule Aroon

Heartsounds — Shule Aroon

Released 1/1/2002
  1. Star Of The County Down (Traditional Irish) 3:31
  2. Atholl Highlanders (Traditional Scottish) 3:24
  3. Medley: Glenlivet/Marry Me Now/Sleep Soond In Da Mornin' (Traditional Scottish) 2:54
  4. Ned Of The Hill (Traditional Irish) 4:30
  5. The Foggy Dew (Father Charles O'Neill) 4:41
  6. Medley: Swallowtail Jig/The Butterfly (Traditional Irish) 4:21
  7. Lost Lovers' Waltz (Mary Kay Mann) 3:05
  8. Sir Festus Burke (Turlough O'Carolan) 2:45
  9. Medley: Creel Of Turf/Dublin Street/Fig For A Kiss (Traditional Irish) 3:14
  10. My Love Is Like A Red, Red, Rose (Robert Burns) 3:31
  11. Medley: Blarney Pilgrim/Banish Misfortune (Traditional Irish) 5:10
  12. Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional Scottish) 3:34
  13. Shule Aroon (Traditional Irish) 4:39