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John David Burke

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John David Burke Music Visions

John David Burke — Music Visions

Released 1/1/2002
  1. A Place To Be: Original Score Excerpts 9:27
  2. Pepsico International Bottler's Conference Multimedia Show 'It's Pepsi, Now!': Original Score Excerpts 4:52
  3. National Air & Space Museum's Einstein Planetarium Show 'The Lunar Experience': Original Score Excerpts 4:16
  4. IBM World Trade Film 'In Celebration Of Excellence': Original Score Excerpts 3:33
  5. The Political Biography Of Carlos Romero Barcelo: Title Theme 0:48
  6. Journey To The End Of The Earth: Title Theme 1:49
  7. The National Park Service Film One Man's Alaska: Title Theme 1:10
  8. The Dance Of The Birds (From The NPS Film One Man's Alaska) 1:36
  9. Salvation 4:00
  10. Revelation Of Joy 6:01
  11. The Mighty Men Of Valor 2:58
  12. Wisdom Hath Builded Her House 3:42