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Monty Harper

Albums by Monty Harper

Monty Harper Get A Clue

Monty Harper — Get A Clue

Released 1/1/2007
  1. Get A Clue Feat. Scribblemonster 2:56
  2. Can You Guess Feat. Mr. Billy 3:12
  3. Hanging Out With Heroes At The Library, Detectives Version 3:43
  4. Junior Detectives Club Feat. The Center Stage Singers 2:03
  5. There's Something Going On At The Library 4:23
  6. Boom Town 3:43
  7. Oklahoma Land Rush, 1889 5:27
  8. Oklahoma Heroes At The Library 3:40
  9. Oklahoma Annie Feat. Evalyn Harper 3:35
  10. Oklahoma Kids A Kaleidoscope 5:52
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