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Rusty Zinn

Albums by Rusty Zinn

Rusty Zinn Confessin'
Rusty Zinn Frank Muschalle Trio Feat. Rusty Zinn
Rusty Zinn Going Back Home
Rusty Zinn Manifestation
Rusty Zinn ReggaeBlue

Rusty Zinn — ReggaeBlue

Released 4/10/2007
  1. She Comes From Nothing (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 5:44
  2. The World Is In Rewind (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 5:33
  3. Just Take Your Time (feat, Rusty Zinn) 6:22
  4. Pushin' Towards A Dream (feat, Rusty Zinn) 4:26
  5. Everytime I See A Rainbow (feat, Rusty Zinn) 4:02
  6. Reggae My Blues Away (feat, Rusty Zinn, Guitar) 5:26
  7. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (feat, Rusty Zinn) 3:41
  8. My God (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 5:13
  9. You Got To Show It (feat, Rusty Zinn) 4:58
  10. A Song Of My Own (feat, Rusty Zinn) 5:00
  11. The Day After (feat, Rusty Zinn) 4:33
  12. Heaven Is A Place Called Zion (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 4:25
Rusty Zinn Sittin' And Waitin'
Rusty Zinn The Chill
Rusty Zinn Zinfidelity Vol. 1

Rusty Zinn — Zinfidelity Vol. 1

Released 6/14/2005
  1. Talkin' 'Bout You (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 3:31
  2. Treat You Like A Queen (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 3:57
  3. Falling In Love Again (feat, Rusty Zinn) 5:23
  4. Lucille (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 4:22
  5. Put Your Hand In Mine (feat, Rusty Zinn) 4:05
  6. Get My Hat (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 3:16
  7. The Real Stuff (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 3:49
  8. A Life I Used To Know (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 3:57
  9. Ain't That Some Shame (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 3:43
  10. In My Dreams (feat, Rusty Zinn Guitar) 4:21
  11. Zinn Bootyism (feat, Rusty Zinn) 5:58
  12. Love Him Or Leave Him (feat, Rusty Zinn) 2:48