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Greg Brown

Albums by Greg Brown

Greg Brown 44 & 66
Greg Brown Bath Tub Blues
Greg Brown Covenant
Greg Brown Down In There
Greg Brown Dream Cafe
Greg Brown Freak Flag
Greg Brown Further In
Greg Brown Honey In The Lion's Head
Greg Brown Honey In The Lions Head
Greg Brown Hymns To What Is Left
Greg Brown If I Had Known: Essential Recordings, 1980-1996
Greg Brown In The Dark With You
Greg Brown In The Hills Of California

Greg Brown — In The Hills Of California

Released 9/7/2004
  1. For All (Live) 1:14
  2. Wash My Eyes (Live) 2:47
  3. Never So Far (Live) 4:10
  4. The Way My Baby Calls My Name (Live) 4:17
  5. Spring And All (Live) 4:25
  6. Slow Food (Live) 7:34
  7. InaBell Sale (Live) 4:45
  8. Tequila And Me (Live) 6:00
  9. China (Live) 5:51
  10. Intro To Kate's Guitar (Live) 0:18
  11. Kate's Guitar (Live) 4:32
  12. Say A Little Prayer (Live) 4:12
  13. You Really Got A Hold On Me (Live) 7:04
  14. I Want My Country Back (Live) 3:21
  15. I Shall Not Be Moved (Live) 5:07
  16. Two Little Feet (Live) 8:26
  17. Intro To Lord I Have..... (Live) 1:44
  18. Lord I Have Made You A Place In My Heart (Live) 4:50
  19. Poet Game (Live) 6:50
  20. Think About You (Live) 5:32
  21. Where Is Maria (Live) 5:44
  22. Lullaby (Live) 5:28
  23. Almost Out Of Gas (Live) 2:52
  24. Livin' In A Prayer (Live) 4:16
  25. Intro To Mose Allison..... (Live) 0:39
  26. Mose Allison Played Here (Live) 4:39
  27. Rexroth's Daughter (Live) 5:12
  28. Vivid (Live) 5:08
  29. Kind Hearted Woman Blues (Live) 4:21
  30. Just By Myself (Live) 7:06
  31. Your Town Now (Live) 4:07
  32. Don't Let Me Down (Live) 5:44
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