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The Blazers

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The Blazers Blazers
The Blazers College Drinking Songs

The Blazers — College Drinking Songs

Released 1/1/2009
  1. Medley 1: The Maine Stein Song/Moon 2:42
  2. Medley 2: In Bohemia Hall/Up On The Hill There's A Still/One, Two Three, Four 2:57
  3. The Heidelberg Stein Song 2:23
  4. Medley 3: If You Want To Go To College/Mary Ann Mccarthy/Good Night 3:05
  5. Landlord, Fill The Flowing Bowl 2:37
  6. The Wiffenpoof Song 3:33
  7. Round To Mary Ann's 2:15
  8. Medley 4: Little Brown/I'd Rather Have Fingers Than Toes/The Dutch Company 2:47
  9. The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi 3:32
  10. Medley 5: Drink A Highball At Nightfall/My Comrade, When I'm No More Drinking/Who Did 3:32
  11. Drinking Song 2:32
  12. Medley 6: Hail To The Orange/Boola, Boola/Far Above Cayuga's Waters/Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech 3:31
The Blazers Dreaming A Dream
The Blazers Drinking Songs From Around The World

The Blazers — Drinking Songs From Around The World

Released 11/1/2008
  1. Overture (Germany) 3:25
  2. Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen, Lauterbach, Ach Isabella (German) 2:44
  3. Wine So Red, We Don't Have A Corkscrew (Yugoslavian) 2:04
  4. How Fights Start In Bars (English) 3:34
  5. Rosy Glows The Red Wine, I'm Getting Drunk, I'm In Jail, Forsaken (Hungarian) 3:06
  6. The Drinking Song From De Fledermaus (Viennese) 3:16
  7. The Drinking Song From Cavalleria Rusticana (Italian) 2:45
  8. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (English) 3:21
  9. The Battle Of Paris, Petit Bal Du Lune (French-American) 2:41
  10. Man In The Wire Cellar (Germany) 3:06
  11. Father Bergstrom (Norwegian) 2:42
  12. Wine, Women And Song (Viennese) 3:04
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