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Kentucky Thunder

Albums by Kentucky Thunder

Kentucky Thunder Ancient Tones
Kentucky Thunder "Bout Damn Time"
Kentucky Thunder History Of The Future
Kentucky Thunder Instrumentals
Kentucky Thunder Soldier Of The Cross

Kentucky Thunder — Soldier Of The Cross

Released 7/24/2007
  1. Battle Cry (Album Version) 0:30
  2. Soldier Of The Cross 5:19
  3. A Voice From On High (Album Version) 2:32
  4. The Darkest Hour (Album Version) 2:58
  5. Gone Home (Album Version) 3:13
  6. The Joshua Generation (Album Version) 4:30
  7. Waiting At The Gate (Album Version) 2:41
  8. Seven Hillsides (Album Version) 4:26
  9. Are You Afraid To Die (Album Version) 4:13
  10. Remember The Cross (Album Version) 2:54
  11. Were You There (Album Version) 4:00
  12. Jacob's Vision (Album Version) 2:28
  13. I'm Ready To Go (Album Version) 2:29
  14. Lead Me To The Rock (Album Version) 2:51