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Larry Long

Albums by Larry Long

Larry Long Don't Stand Still

Larry Long — Don't Stand Still

Released 4/7/2011
  1. Holy Ground (Feat. Robert Robinson) 4:30
  2. Keep On Moving, Don't Stand Still (Feat. Tonia Hughes) 3:53
  3. Love Of Life 3:19
  4. Mother's Song 3:36
  5. My Old Friend (Feat. Jd Steele) 3:51
  6. Old Ways (Feat. Tonia Hughes) 4:15
  7. Eyes Of My Father (Feat. Paul Frantzich & Tim Frantzich) 6:48
  8. If You Love Someone (Feat. Tonia Hughes & Jd Steele) 4:36
  9. Oh Boy, What You Gonna Do Now (Feat. Tonia Hughes) 4:33
  10. All Gave Some, Some Gave All (Feat. Tonia Hughes) 5:38
  11. Butterflies Dancing (Feat. Tonia Hughes) 3:31
  12. Tibet (Feat. Gyuto Wheel Of Dharma, Venerable Monastery Monks Gendun Kelsang, Jampa Thupten, Lobsang Jungnes & Dolma & Yiga Tshering With Family And Friends) 8:33
  13. Tree Of Life (Feat. Tonia Hughes) 3:39
  14. Be Kind To All That Live (Feat. Jd Steele) 4:22
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