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Sid Selvidge

Albums by Sid Selvidge

Sid Selvidge A Little Bit Of Rain
Sid Selvidge I Should Be Blue

Sid Selvidge — I Should Be Blue

Released 6/8/2010
  1. That's How I Got To Memphis (Studio Recording) 3:19
  2. Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep) (Studio Recording) 2:54
  3. Catch The Wind (Feat. Amy Speace) (Studio Recording) 3:04
  4. Dimestore Angel (Feat. Amy Speace) (Studio Recording) 2:50
  5. I'll Be Here In The Morning (Feat. Amy Speace) (Studio Recording) 3:56
  6. Lucky That Way (Studio Recording) 2:24
  7. Fine Hotel (Studio Recording) 3:22
  8. The Dolphins (Studio Recording) 3:16
  9. A Blonde Headed Girl (In A Convertible Automobile) (Studio Recording) 3:44
  10. Two (Feat. Amy Speace) (Studio Recording) 3:06
  11. You're Gonna Look Just Like A Monkey (When You Get Old) (Studio Recording) 2:51
  12. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me (Studio Recording) 3:09