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Grey Larsen

Albums by Grey Larsen

Grey Larsen Dark Of The Moon

Grey Larsen — Dark Of The Moon

Released 1/1/2003
  1. The Cat That Ate The Candle/Petticoat Loop/The Corry Boys 3:29
  2. John Stenson's Reel/Palm Sunday 5:03
  3. Michael Kennedy Jigs: Untitled/Untitled/Haste To The Wedding 4:53
  4. The Blackbird/The Gold Ring 6:43
  5. Michael Kennedy Schottisches: Untitled/Untitled/Pretty Molly Brannigan 4:46
  6. Another Jig Will Do/The Ship Doctor/I'm The Boy For Bewitching Them 3:33
  7. Sliabh Geal Gcua Na Feile (Bright Beautiful Mt. Cua) (By Padraig O Maille) The Drunken Gauger 6:35
  8. Thugamar Fein An Samhradh Linn (We Brought The Summer With Us) 3:20
  9. The Day I Met Tom Moylan/Josie McDermott's/The Colliers' Reel 6:26
  10. The Slopes Of Mount Storm/Hurry The Jug/Dark Of The Moon 7:47
  11. Child Of My Heart/The Star Above The Garter/My Love In The Morning 3:46
Grey Larsen Les Marionnettes

Grey Larsen — Les Marionnettes

Released 8/10/2004
  1. The Rocky Road To Dublin/Old Drops Of Brandy 4:17
  2. Le Rossignol D'Été/My Mind Will Never Be Easy 4:29
  3. Les Marionnettes 3:10
  4. Exil/Old Drops Of Brandy (Reprise)/The Old Bush 7:09
  5. Ma Mère, Donnez-Moi Z-Un Mari (Le Poêle à Fourneau)/The Killavil 5:20
  6. Sorry I Am/John Joe Lynch/Canoe In The Clouds 3:50
  7. Betty And Beauty/Le Petit Coeur En Chocolat 5:58
  8. C'est Par Un Beau Samedi D'Été /Bobbing For Apples 5:20
  9. Sweet Dusty Road 5:32
Grey Larsen The Gathering
Grey Larsen The Green House

Grey Larsen — The Green House

Released 1/1/2001
  1. Lady On The Island/The Humours Of Lisadel/The Monaghan Twig 2:57
  2. The Thrush In The Straw/The Banks Of Lough Gowna 3:31
  3. The Cuckoo's Nest/Fitzgerald's Hornpipe/The Indian On The Rock 4:27
  4. The Wind That Shakes The Barley/Dusk Among The Willows 4:01
  5. Lord Mayo/An Cuisin Ban (The White Cushion) 4:28
  6. Comb Your Hair And Curl It/The Whinney Hills Of Leitrim/A Fig For A Kiss 2:37
  7. O'Carolan's Draught (Turlough O'Carolan) 4:03
  8. Very Kind And Gracious 4:23
  9. The Walls Of Liscarroll/Maguire's Kick/The Lark On The Strand 4:54
  10. Old Tipperary/Garret Barry's/Tom Greyhan's Jig 2:51
  11. Sweet Iniscara/The Morning Star/Scotch Mary/Music In The Glen 5:36
  12. Cabbage Night 8:40
  13. Michael J. Kennedy Talks About The Cuckoo's Nest 3:02
  14. Michael J. Kennedy Plays The Cuckoo's Nest 1:41
  15. Michael J. Kennedy Talks About Music, Memory, And Playing For Dances In North-East County Galway 2:24
Grey Larsen The Orange Tree

Grey Larsen — The Orange Tree

Released 1/1/1993
  1. Acadian Mouth Music (Reel A Bouche Acadien)/Horses, Geese, And One Old Man/Acadian Mouth Music (Reprise) 4:20
  2. Mornings At Bonny Doon (Les Matins De Bonny Doon)/Palm Sunday 5:04
  3. Who Will Help Me Through The Woods? (Qui Me Passera Le Bois?) 3:29
  4. Brandy From Kedgwick (Le Brandy De Kedgwick) 2:16
  5. The Orange Tree (L'oranger) 6:22
  6. The Waltz Of Time Passing (La Valse Du Temps Qui Va)/Plum Creek 4:57
  7. The Road To Cashel/The Bunch Of Green Rushes/The Queen Of May 3:26
  8. The Wife Of A Drunken Soldier (L'ivrogne Pilier Du Cabaret) 5:02
  9. First Snow 4:10
  10. A Pack Of Lies (Les Menteries)/Cedulie's Reel (Reel A Cedulie) 4:35