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Yung Cavi

Albums by Yung Cavi

Yung Cavi Black On Black

Yung Cavi — Black On Black

Released 5/29/2012
  1. Go Hard Or Go Home (Feat. Force One, Youngster) (Original Mix) 4:26
  2. Swagger Like A Boss (Feat. G Moe, Young Phee, Jae-Lei, B Staks) (Original Mix) 4:10
  3. F*ck Wit A Thug (Feat. O.G Playboy) (Original Mix) 4:04
  4. O.G Kush & Purp (Feat. Johnny Kush) (Original Mix) 4:00
  5. She Wanna Be (Feat. Shook, Johnny Kush, Siegel) (Original Mix) 5:01
  6. Black On Black (Feat. Leshawn) (Original Mix) 3:56
  7. Outlaw (Feat. Hersh, Soldier , Force One) (Original Mix) 4:30
  8. Diamondback Fitted (Original Mix) 3:35
  9. Down For You (Feat. Jesse James, Siegel ) (Original Mix) 3:53
  10. What The F*ck You Doin (Feat. Dee, Siegel, Force One, Grimzta, Hood P) (Original Mix) 3:44
  11. Last Time (Feat. Youngster, Hood P) (Original Mix) 3:08
  12. I Won't Tell Your Friends (Feat. Hood P, King) (Original Mix) 4:49
  13. Just Roll (Feat. Bam Soprano, G Moe) (Original Mix) 4:24
  14. Black On Black (Feat. Leshawn, Johnny Kush, Siegel) (Remix Mix) 3:55
  15. Say Goodbye (Original Mix) 3:40