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Cormac Breatnach

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Cormac Breatnach Éalú

Cormac Breatnach — Éalú

Released 3/9/2012
  1. The Minded Set: The Minded / The Old Favourite / El Mar Picado / Chugat An Púca / The Butterfly (Feat. Gavin Ralston, Aongus Ralston, Paul Mcateer, Robbie Harris, Roger Doyle, Fiachra Trench, Eamon Murray & Martin Dunlea) 6:41
  2. The Universal Sun (Feat. Gavin Ralston, Paul Mcateer, Robbie Harris, Niwell Tsumbu, Uché Gabriel Akujobi, Fiachra Trench, Aoife Doyle & Aongus Ralston) 5:42
  3. Éalú: Male Caoineadh / Ciúnas / The Somnambulist / Beautiful Refuge / Fahren Links / Female Caoineadh / Spraoi / Rang 1981 (Feat. Paul Mcateer, Robbie Harris, Aongus Ralston, Brian Dunning, Fiachra Trench & Aoife Doyle) 9:30
  4. All Saints: Land Of Open Welcome / The Minstrel Boy (Feat. Paul Mcateer, Fiachra Trench, Aongus Ralston, Martin Dunlea & Robbie Harris) 6:28
  5. 1916: Steal A Kiss / Storm Clouds Brewing Above The Honourable Road / Cnocán Na Teampall / Mairseáil Alasdroim (Feat. Fiachra Trench, Gavin Ralston, Aongus Ralston, Robbie Harris & Paul Mcateer) 7:26
  6. Spain & The Basque Country: Foxtrot De Algora / Iberia / Zapigaren Eguna / Mendiokerra (Feat. Gavin Ralston, Mike Considine, Paul Mcateer, Fiachra Trench, Carlos Beceiro & Aoife Doyle) 6:54
  7. Slán & Breatnach: Song From The Grave / The Funerals / A Tribute To The Lives Of Deasún & Lucy / The Beginning (Feat. Jorge Arribas, Fiachra Trench & Paul Mcateer) 6:35
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