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Cathy Ponton King

Albums by Cathy Ponton King

Cathy Ponton King Quartet/Duet

Cathy Ponton King — Quartet/Duet

Released 2/3/2013
  1. That's When A Woman Calls The Blues By Name (Feat. Sista Pat, Mary Ann Redmond, & Caz Gardiner) 5:13
  2. Famous Last Words (Feat. Joe Triplett) 3:59
Cathy Ponton King The Crux

Cathy Ponton King — The Crux

Released 3/1/2012
  1. Sugarface (Feat. Jimmy Thackery) 4:18
  2. I'm Just A Woman (Pours Her Heart Out Way Too Much) (Feat. Jimmy Thackery) 4:19
  3. Cerulean Blues (Feat. Ronnie Earl) 3:47
  4. Blues Companion (Feat. Ronnie Earl) 3:09
  5. Tattoo On My Heart (Feat. Dan Hovey) 4:02
  6. I Want You To Be Happy (Feat. Tom Corradino) 4:35
  7. Sweet Change To My Heart (Feat. Butch Warren & Ronnie Earl) 4:19
  8. Little House In The Country (Feat. Ronnie Earl & Ron Holloway) 2:39
  9. Bridges That You Burned (Feat. Dan Hovey & Ron Holloway) 3:23
  10. I'm Suffering (Feat. Jimmy Thackery) 5:00