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Dan Crary

Albums by Dan Crary

Dan Crary Bluegrass Guitar
Dan Crary Crary & Hoppers And Their American Band
Dan Crary Dan Crary: Guitar
Dan Crary Holiday Guitar
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Dan Crary Lady's Fancy
Dan Crary Renaissance Of The Steel String Guitar
Dan Crary Take A Step Over

Dan Crary — Take A Step Over

Released 1/1/2006
  1. Bugle Call Rag 3:28
  2. Take A Step Over 2:37
  3. Great Tunes/Dumb Names Medley: Flop-Eared Mule/Done Gone/Crazy Creek 6:31
  4. Raleigh And Spencer 4:14
  5. Come Hither To Go Yonder 3:19
  6. Willie, The Wandering Gypsy & Me 4:11
  7. Hot Canary 3:33
  8. Traditional Suite In 'E' Medley: Fishin' Creek Blues/The Blackbird/Turkey In The Straw... 5:02
  9. Lord Build Me A Cabin 3:51