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Daryl Coley

Albums by Daryl Coley

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Daryl Coley Beyond The Veil: Live At The Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion XIII
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Daryl Coley Classic Gold: I'll Be With You

Daryl Coley — Classic Gold: I'll Be With You

Released 2/18/2003
  1. The Lord's Name Is To Be Praised 4:50
  2. Worthy Is The Lamb V1.1 4:39
  3. That's What You've Done For Me V1.1 4:48
  4. Romans:10 V1.1 5:49
  5. More Like Jesus V1.1 4:46
  6. Jesus Is The Real Thing V1.1 3:39
  7. What Moved Him V1.1 5:51
  8. Hold On Until You Bless Me V1.1 5:12
  9. I'll Be With You V1.1 6:12
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