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Albums by Hussalonia

Hussalonia Beautiful Dry Cleaning By
Hussalonia Charles Hardin Hussalonia
Hussalonia Ernest Evans Hussalonia
Hussalonia Percy 'Thrills' Hussalonia
Hussalonia The Hussalonia Robot Singers

Hussalonia — The Hussalonia Robot Singers

Released 4/20/2003
  1. Abide With Me 0:42
  2. Neglect Has Turned Me Orange And Brown, But You Have Made Me Blue 1:54
  3. I Want To Be An Owl 2:37
  4. The Questioning Machine 2:41
  5. Buy Me! 1:00
  6. If I Could Only Shed A Tear 4:40
  7. You Are A Girl, I'm A Machine 1:23
  8. Rave On! 2:33
  9. Home On The Range 2:30