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Markus Burger

Albums by Markus Burger

Markus Burger Classical Standards

Markus Burger — Classical Standards

Released 1/1/2005
  1. Greensleeves, Waltz 6:29
  2. Lascia Chio Pianga, G.f. Handel 6:49
  3. Pavane, Fauree' Take 1 5:27
  4. Gymnopedie 1 By Eric Satie 3:36
  5. Movement 2 From The Pathetique Sonata By Beethoven 5:40
  6. Mizerna Cicha, Folk Song From Croatia 5:01
  7. A Day In The Life Of A Peaceful Soul, Markus Burger 3:53
  8. Pavane By Fauree' Take 2 6:58
  9. Greensleeves, Salsa 5:22
Markus Burger Quarta: "Spiritual Standards From The New World"
Markus Burger Spiritual Standards: Inside.Outside
Markus Burger Spiritual Standards One

Markus Burger — Spiritual Standards One

Released 6/7/2003
  1. Oh Haupt Voll Blut Und Wunden (Oh Sacred Head, Now Wounded) 5:02
  2. Seele Dein Heiland Ist Frei Von Den Banden (Soul, You Salvator I) 6:45
  3. Es Kommt Ein Schiff Geladen (A Ship There Comes A-Laden) 5:01
  4. Choral Nr.1 (Thielmannsgasse) 4:15
  5. Kommet Ihr Hirten (Come, All Ye Sheppards) 3:58
  6. Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging (Blest Mary Wanders Through The...) 7:24
  7. Leise Rieselt Der Schnee (Snow Falling Quitely) 6:03
  8. Menschen Die Ihr Wart Verloren (Humans, That You Have Been Lost) 6:10
  9. Lobet Den Herren (Praise The Lord The Almighty) 7:15
  10. Deo Gratias 1:28
Markus Burger Spiritual Standards (Secunda)
Markus Burger Tertia