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David Lyndon Huff

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David Lyndon Huff Sound Therapy: Tranquility
David Lyndon Huff The Serenity Prayer Soundtrack

David Lyndon Huff — The Serenity Prayer Soundtrack

Released 5/22/2012
  1. God Grant Me The Serenity 6:44
  2. To Accept The Things I Cannot Change; 6:03
  3. Courage To Change The Things I Can; 6:18
  4. And Wisdom To Know The Difference. 4:34
  5. Living One Day At A Time; 5:18
  6. Enjoying One Moment At A Time; 6:09
  7. Accepting Hardships As The Pathway To Peace; 6:09
  8. Taking, As He Did, This Sinful World 5:22
  9. As It Is, Not As I Would Have It; 2:38
  10. Trusting That He Will Make All Things Right 5:34
  11. If I Surrender To His Will; 3:29
  12. That I May Be Reasonably Happy In This Life 7:20
  13. And Supremely Happy With Him 6:05
  14. Forever In The Next. Amen. 2:09
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