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Ethan James

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Ethan James Learning Chinese The Hard Way
Ethan James The Ancient Music Of Christmas

Ethan James — The Ancient Music Of Christmas

Released 4/6/2009
  1. Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella 3:43
  2. From Church To Church/A Virgin Most Pure/When Christ Was Born Of Mary Free 5:32
  3. This Is The Truth Sent From Above/What Lovely Infant Can This Be? 2:58
  4. Alleluya Christo Iubilemus-Alleluya 5:05
  5. Baloo Lammy/Three King's Songs 3:12
  6. Quem Pastores Lauduere/On Christmas Night 2:42
  7. Now To Conclude Our Christmas Mirth 2:21
  8. The Seven Joys Of Mary 3:59
  9. Lullay Lullay Als I Lay On Yoolis Night 3:52
  10. Jerusalem Gaude/Jesu Redemptor Omnium/O Come O Come Emmanuel 4:42
  11. Sing We Noel/Goodnight/Christmas Bells 3:20
  12. Now We Make Joy 2:38
  13. Lulajze Jezuniu/Come Shepherds Arise 4:12
  14. Blessed Be That Maid Marie/The Fleecy Care 3:06
  15. Canzone D'i Zampoignari 1:33