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Tierra Negra

Albums by Tierra Negra

Tierra Negra Christmas Lounge
Tierra Negra Classic - Flamenco Nuevo & Strings

Tierra Negra — Classic - Flamenco Nuevo & Strings

Released 12/1/2010
  1. Le Sable Et La Mer (Classic Lounge Version) 3:55
  2. Alguna (Classic Lounge Version) 3:28
  3. Templo Del Mar (Classic Lounge Version) 3:44
  4. Cote Des Neiges (Classic Lounge Version) 4:08
  5. Corona De Oro (Classic Lounge Version) 4:45
  6. Cerca De Ti (Classic Lounge Version) 3:11
  7. Watching The Blaze (Classic Lounge Version) 4:05
  8. Ripples From The Rain (Classic Lounge Version) 3:26
  9. Sedona Anodes (Classic Lounge Version) 4:08
  10. Looking Out Of The Rear Window (Classic Lounge Version) 4:42
  11. Cote Des Neiges Strings (Classic Lounge Version) 4:00
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