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Albums by Vespers

Vespers My Friends (Single)

Vespers — My Friends (Single)

Released 12/12/2006
  1. My Friends 2:41
Vespers Put Down The Gun

Vespers — Put Down The Gun

Released 1/4/2011
  1. Put Down The Gun 5:36
  2. Put Down The Gun (ILL-Esha Remix) 5:37
  3. Bubbles In The Jungle 5:10
Vespers Tell Your Mama
Vespers The Fourth Wall
Vespers This Is The Beat EP

Vespers — This Is The Beat EP

Released 7/10/2009
  1. This Is The Beat 4:50
  2. This Is The Beat (Groove Diggerz Dangerous Remix) 7:03
  3. Funky People Feat Krystal Jones (Myagi Remix) 7:16
Vespers We Get Wicked

Vespers — We Get Wicked

Released 1/19/2010
  1. We Get Wicked 7:29
  2. We Get Wicked (General Midi Remix) 5:26
  3. Lose Control (Christoph Maitland Remix) 7:36