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The Mistletones

Albums by The Mistletones

The Mistletones Acapella Christmas
The Mistletones Hello Christmas
The Mistletones Naughty And Nice

The Mistletones — Naughty And Nice

Released 10/6/2012
  1. Shop Around (Parody) 2:00
  2. Toy Sack (Parody Of Love Shack) 2:34
  3. Every Wish You Make (Parody Of Every Breath You Take) 3:05
  4. Can't Wrap This (Parody Of U Can't Touch This) 1:55
  5. Come Fly Away (Parody Of Come Sail Away) 3:58
  6. Fat In The Mirror (Parody Of Man In The Mirror) 3:10
  7. Believer (Parody Of I'm A Believer) 2:05
  8. Santa Claus's Elvz (Parody Of California Gurls) 3:33
  9. Holidays (Parody Of Yesterday) 1:52
  10. Snowman (Parody Of Soul Man) 2:04
  11. We Will Flock You (Parody Of We Will Rock You) 2:01
  12. Speedy Reindeer (Parody Of Pretty Woman) 2:28