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Agent Mooney

Albums by Agent Mooney

Agent Mooney Big Plans No Money
Agent Mooney Rockaway Moon

Agent Mooney — Rockaway Moon

Released 5/25/2011
  1. Softer Landing (Feat. Charlie Worsham) 3:02
  2. Ring (Feat. Matt Burgess) 3:29
  3. Time Disappears (Feat. Rodger Morris,Charlie Worsham,Bill Corston, Dave Levit) 3:50
  4. Little Miss Behavior (Feat. The Memphis Horns) 2:43
  5. Maury (Feat. Charlie Worsham,Anna Owens, Daniel Denis) 3:47
  6. Rockaway Moon (Feat. Anna Owens,Tyler Cain & Charlie Worsham.) 3:50
  7. Testify (Feat. Diana Dewitt, Andy Panzer, Dave Pomeroy) 4:01
  8. My Love (Feat. Charlie Worsham, Rodger Morris) 3:22
  9. Desperate Skies (Feat. Daniel Denis, Bill Corston) 3:19
  10. Wonderful Year (Feat. Pete Huttlinger,Charlie Worsham, Dave Pomeroy) 3:44
  11. Crank It Up (Feat. Bill Dickens, The Memphis Horns,) 3:41