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Don Byron

Albums by Don Byron

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Don Byron Music For Six Musicians

Don Byron — Music For Six Musicians

Released 9/13/2005
  1. Uh-Oh, Chango!/White History Month 1:45
  2. Shelby Steele Would Be Mowing Your Lawn 5:48
  3. (The Press Made) Rodney King (Responsible For The LA Riots) 10:00
  4. I'll Chill On The Marley Tapes... 5:33
  5. Sex/Work 6:53
  6. La Estrellita 2:31
  7. ...That Sucking Sound... (For Ross Perot) 9:50
  8. Crown Heights 4:39
  9. The Allure of Entanglement 4:31
  10. The Importance Of Being Sharpton 8:47
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