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Albums by Craicmore

Craicmore From Hill & Hoolie
Craicmore O'

Craicmore — O'

Released 7/10/2003
  1. Almost Every Circumstance, Ship In Full Sail 4:34
  2. Mulvihill's Monaghan Twig, The Game Of Love, Congress Reel 4:36
  3. Breton Gavotte, When Will We Be Married 4:11
  4. The Sisters Reel, Brenda Stubbert's, Darley's 5:45
  5. Chi Mi Na Morbheanna 3:24
  6. Walsh's, Sixpenny Money, Out On The Ocean 4:28
  7. Nine Miles East 2:31
  8. The Aran Boat, The Boys Of Malin, Jenny's Wedding, The Reel Of M 8:51